Uksnøy has established clear, descriptive policies that we implement throughout our activities on land and onboard the vessels. Our policies are in accordance with international targets and regulations.

We thoroughly record and process all incidents, large and small, to prevent recurrence. During 2013-2015, there were zero serious incidents of any kind, nor suspension of an ongoing operation due to such.

Rules and policies only have value if those within the organization know and understand the positive values they promote and secure. This is especially true when employees have different cultural backgrounds and varying governmental controls and regulations.

Within Uksnøy, we continuously emphasize that whoever takes care of themselves and their fellow colleagues also preserves the environment. The experiences are positive. We find that our QHSE efforts are helping to create confidence, satisfaction and efficiency across nationality, culture and religion.

This approach is very much to benefit of our customers as well.

Our QHSE/SMS policies can be downloaded in the documents section below.